Research and Education

Research Activities

The ADBC Museum, Education & Research Center's archives are open to qualified researchers. Artifacts can NOT be removed from the museum. Therefore, researchers must plan for sufficient time onsite during normal operating hours to view the artifacts. Researchers MUST make an appointment with our curator at least 10 business days in advance of their visit.

We have begun the process of digitizing our artifacts.  To date, only 5% of our materials are available online. To view our digital archive, click HERE.

Our current research projects focus on: (1) the historical details of being a POW of Japan and (2) examining the broader issue of how the management of POWs during conflict and the politics of POW repatriation affect post-conflict efforts for justice and reconciliation.

Educational Activities

Our staff is available to speak to your class or community group.  There is no charge for most presentations, but some require a reasonable fee.  Contact our Curator to learn more.

Internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in history, museum studies or marketing are available year round. Please contact us by May 1st for Fall semester, September 1st for Spring semester and February 1st for Summer.  We are interested in expanding the list of schools with whom we work!

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ADBC Museum, Education & Research Center Archives

ADBC Museum, Education & Research Center Archives